The Linux guys excel in the scripting of Linux administration tasks, taking the pain out of repetitive actions that are better served through scripts that can be executed in seconds.

Scripts are written in a variety of languages from bash, awk and sed through to php. These scripting languages are ideal for processing large data files as well as automation.

In multi-server hosted environments, automation technology implementation and management is offered in the form of such technologies as Puppet.

With regards to saving on the cost of information technology software and services, our ideology is firmly entrenched in the open source movement and our knowledge gives us an advantage in offering possible avenues for attaining solutions to business needs often at reduced/zero licensing overheads. Take a look at our service example for a better idea of what we do.

In the first instance, contact us and let us know what you are looking for. We will then get back to you, verify the requirements, the work that needs to be undertaken and advice on the fixed cost involved.