Case Example


“Sergio’s Spaghetti” is an Italian restaurant that is expanding but currently has no computers and no booking system on site.

In order to move forward and get detailed analytics on peak trade times and how they can market their business better, “Sergio’s Spaghetti” would like to implement a new business system.

Coming to The Linux guys, we would first sit down with the business, map out their requirements and then come up with a plan of action along with a quote.

As an example, we could first setup a wireless network on site with broadband access.

We could then build and implement a new, secure server running a powerful Linux operating system and an open source based myseat booking system.

Alternatively, it may be more beneficial to choose not to implement a solution “locally” but instead deploy securely, “offsite” in the “cloud”.

An open source electronic point of sale solution such as OSPOS could also be implemented.

If there are certain business nuance that require more than an “off the shelf” open solution, development services to meet exact needs can also be offered.

We could arrange additional support to help the company on it’s IT journey.

We could arrange a backup and disaster recovery strategy for the company.

The cost of the service from start to finish including hardware would start from £800 Support would be charged and arranged on a separate basis based on the level of cover required.

The advantages of our approach with open source solutions is that:

The costs are often one off costs that are straight forward and visible from the outset.

There are no monthly, proprietary/licensing costs for running a business system.

There is no “data tie in”. You own the data within the business system and can move and migrate it however you want.

You will not be told when you have to pay for business system upgrades and only upgrade when you want to.

In effect, you have full control over your IT operations.

We offer different solutions for different industries. Contact us in the first instance whether you are in the hospitality industry or otherwise and help us empower you with IT.